Aladdin ‘Key’ Remembers All Your Passwords

Aladdin ‘Key’ Remembers All Your Passwords

Tired of remembering a half-dozen or more passwords? Or, are you one of the millions of us who use simple, or nearly identical passwords everywhere even though we’ve all been warned of the risks of doing so? IT consultant Alvin Chang believes he has invented a solution to the password problem faced by all computer users. Chang’s startup Aladdin is a USB keyboard that stores all your passwords. It generates and remembers a series of alpha-numeric random passwords—each unique to an individual account whether its email, Facebook or something more sensitive such a bank account. When the Aladdin is plugged into the keyboard, it can instantly type the password for the user. Because Aladdin remembers keystrokes, not text files, it’s nearly hacker-proof.

In order to take the startup to the next level, Aladdin is currently raising funds on crowdfunding site Indiegogo, with a goal of $50,000 in pledges by Jan. 8. With 20 days left in the campaign, the project has raised $6,030. Supporters can pledge as little as $10, however a $20 pledge will award the backer an Aladdin key when the product becomes available next June. Multiple Aladdin keys will be awarded for larger pledges, and at company sponsorships are being accepted at the $5,000 and $10,000 level, where Aladdin keys with company logos will be created.

Although Aladdin solves the problem of remembering passwords, what happens if a customer loses the Aladdin? Customers are advised to keep track of Aladdin much as they would their house keys, even adding to the same key chain. If the Aladdin is ever lost, respond the same way you would if you lost your house keys—call a locksmith, or, in this case, a computer locksmith (administrator) to reset your password.

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