Alba: The World’s First Responsive Light Bulb Reacts To Its Surroundings

Image via Stack Lighting

Artificial light has definitely gone through its share of developments since Thomas Edison introduced his first incandescent bulb in 1880. From the advent of neon signs in 1923 to the invention of LED in 1962, the world has continued its ages-old obsession with convenient light. Remember the Clapper? Recent years have brought us smart light bulbs that can be controlled via WiFi and Bluetooth connections. But Stack Lighting brings us even more with its Alba light bulb. The high-tech bulbs use integrated sensors to maintain proper lighting levels without wasting energy. Not only can users can adjust each bulb’s color temperature, but motion sensors enable the lights to turn off and on — no switch required.

The Alba light bulb is so smart, in fact, that it can be synced with your own circadian rhythm, programmed to dim when you are ready to relax for the night and turn on with your alarm to wake you up naturally in the morning. The Alba bulb even adjusts its output and color temperature to coincide with ambient lighting, brightening during darkness and on cloudy days, while dimming in response to the sun.

The Alba light bulb, first unveiled during TechCrunch Disrupt’s Battlefied competition, is intended for both home and commercial use. The Alba is available for pre-order for $150 which includes two BR-30 bulbs and a hub costing $150 ($60 for each additional bulb.)