App for Taking Selfies Wins Innovation Award

Image via Pointgrab

At the Mobile World Congress yesterday, selfie app CamMe earned the title of “most innovative app” at this year’s Global Mobile Awards in Barcelona. The app, created by Israeli company PointGrab, relies on gesture recognition technology to help you generate prime, Facebook-quality pics. Just hold up your hand and make a fist, as the app instructs, and CamMe starts its three-second countdown until flash.

This is not the first year that PointGrab received recognition for this technology. PointGrab won the 2013 European Technology Innovation Award for its gesture recognition technology, as well. An innovation that allows users to take pictures on their phones without even having to touch the device seems worthy enough of the attention.

Image via iTunes/CamMe

Image via iTunes/CamMe

PointGrab’s apps also let you play songs/videos, control volume, and perform numerous other mobile functions while feet away from your cell phone. Don’t see the point? Think about this technology next time you’re eating a greasy hamburger and want to watch the latest viral video on YouTube.