Artiphany Turns Greeting Card Into 4D Augmented Reality Experience


Artiphany recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for the 4D robotic character, Gizmo, and the company is aiming to turn the act of giving greeting cards into an interactive experience. Nearly halfway to making its $20,000 goal with 24 days left to go, Gizmo continues to attract attention.

We’re really excited about this,” campaign manager Nafeesa Jafferjee told Wall Street Insanity. “We think this will be a cool, new platform for people to tell compelling stories.”

The augmented reality card features the red robot printed on paper. Simply place a special sticker (each one enables Gizmo to react differently) and when viewed through a third-party app called DAQRI, he jumps out from his 2D home and puts on a performance.

The Kickstarter video does a good job of accurately depicting Gizmo’s capabilities, but still pales in comparison to the real thing. I can attest to the “wow” affect Gizmo has on people; when I tested the robot during an NYC train ride, passengers to my left and right looked on in amazement as Gizmo snowboarded off the paper and showed us his skills.

An article published by Mashable Sunday evening gave Gizmo some traction. “We’re up $300 since last night and have had over 50 shares just on our Kickstarter page,” said Jafferjee.

Gizmo is born from a partnership between two creative companies: Artiphany, a visual design company that specializes in the creation of different forms of cards—e-cards, playing cards, greeting cards—and DAQRI, whose 4D viewing app gives life to creations like Gizmo. The people at DAQRI have used Kickstarter as a foundation to push many of its augmented reality projects to the masses. The company was founded in 2009 and received $15 million in VC funding, and landed a spot amongst Inc. magazine’s top 10 Startups. The company has also worked wih high-profile clients, such as Lego, Cadillac, and Maxim magazine, to add an interactive twist to their brands.

We’ve been sending sentiments to friends, family and lovers since the dawn of time,” says John Littleboy, Creative Director of Artiphany and artist behind Gizmo. “I am always looking for ways to combine art with technology and find new ways of sharing sentiments. With Daqri’s 4D capabilities, I realized we could communicate a more compelling story and create a stunning experience with dynamic greeting cards.”

If Gizmo is fully funded, Artiphany plans to distribute immidetely after the campaign has ended. The money would cover DAQRI’s 2D to 4D conversion, fulfill backer orders, and continue expanding the augemented 4D reality greeting card line. According to Jafferjee, Artiphany has more characters in the works and hopes to release several versions of cards in addition to Gizmo.

If we hit our full amount of funding early,” we also want to offer Gizmo augmented t-shirts as a reward for backers,” said Jafferjee.