Atlantis Claims To Be The World’s Best Anonymous Online Drug Marketplace… It’s Also Illegal

Atlantis virtual black market

It seems everyone is making a marketplace today. For example, Square recently launched a marketplace that ties into its partner, Twitter. It’s no surprise that the online marketplace is a big deal. Amazon, the world’s biggest online marketplace, reported first quarter sales up 22% to $16.07 Billion.

Psst! Hey… I know you just started reading this post, but I have something secret to tell you. I know of a marketplace where you could get less… accessible things. Things that some people use this word “illegal,” which is a silly word. After all, at one point having children without being married was at one point against the law…. I gotta go… we’ll talk again soon!

Okay now where were we. I could have sworn that I saw someone else here in the room with us. Oh yeah, online marketplaces. Setting up an online marketplace is fairly easy to do. The difficult part is finding out what marketplace to use and how to determine if it is best for your audience.

Hey! I’m back. If you are looking for a marketplace to buy and sell illegal goods, forget about Silkroad. I am a representative for Atlantis. Check out our a video ad that represents our campaign (which will probably get taken down soon):

Okay, gotta go now, but I will be back!

I’m getting the weird feeling you and I are not alone.

Online marketplaces are places where transactions can take place, but they are also places to offer services. For example, startups like Uber and Airbnb are online marketplaces for taxis and hospitality. In the future you can expect to see more specialized online marketplaces.

Thanks for reading this article. I hope you learned a little more about online marketplaces.


Is he gone? Good.  Here are my final words to you about Atlantis:

  • On Atlantis, you can find anything and everything; including, drugs, passports, and hackers for hire.
  • Accessing Atlantis is done through the TOR network.
  • Purchases on Atlantis are done with Bitcoin.

Expect to hear more about Atlantis soon as the company is just getting started with a big social media campaign push.