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This Video Will Have You Wondering If We Can Auto-Correct Humanity

Rapper Prince Ea is not happy about the current state of technology — primarily the part where it rules our …

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5 Things Americans Want Right Now

The desires of Americans change with the passing of time. From the new cars and refrigerators of the 1940s and …

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Social Media Addiction: 3 Signs You’ve Got It Bad

We often laugh and joke about silly addictions: caffeine, junk food, smartphones, etc. We consider them to be in a different …

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7 Things Your Mother Was Right About

My mom has an opinion on everything, and it’s usually some combination of terrible and useless. She regularly tries to …

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Why Resentment Is The Worst Thing In Any Relationship

We live in a world where no one can get inside anyone else’s mind… yet. There are impenetrable barriers blocking …

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8 Things Louis CK Taught Us About Life

Why do people tend to shut up and listen when Louis CK talks? Three reasons seem to stand out: For …

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Social Media Detox: The One Health Craze Everyone Needs To Try At Least Once

People will go to all sorts of crazy lengths to try and lose weight, flush their bodies of toxins or …

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15 People You Don’t Want In Your Life Past 30

Your 20s are a hell of a time, although most of us probably wouldn’t choose to live them over again …

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