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CDC: Americans More Likely To Text And Drive Than Europeans

When it comes to cell phone use, Europeans have better driving habits than Americans. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Protec…→ Continue Reading

Oscar Night: We Saw Your Boobs

So, Oscar night. Out here on the left side, the annual “let’s pat ourselves on the back-fest” is a big …

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Construction Workers Busted For Selling Pot At Ground Zero

Construction workers at the World Trade Center construction site have been getting high—and not from building what will be the …

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Three Arrested In Connection With Newark Beating Posted On YouTube [VIDEO]

Newark, N.J. Police Director Samuel DeMaio’s weeklong crusade to find the perpetrators in a beating caught on video has met …

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College Sends 300 Full Scholarship Offers In Error

Should a college that sent offers of full scholarships by mistake have to fulfill its original promise? Apparently university officials …

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Video: Iranian Oil Rig Sinks Into Persian Gulf

Workers still aboard, a 4-million pound oil rig in Iran’s South Pars gas field sank into the Persian gulf in …

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Iran Launches Monkey Into Space

According to a Jan. 28 report, Iran has joined the Space Race, albeit 60 years late. The Iranian state-run television …

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Montana Family Billed Consumers $70 Million In Fraudulent Phone Charges

Better check your cell phone bill. A Montana family and its accountant are facing civil and criminal charges after allegedly …

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Two Prison Inmates Claim $1.1 Billion In Fraudulent Tax Refunds

Prison inmates fraudulently claimed $2.5 billion in tax refunds in 2012—more than double 2010’s prison-related tax fraud. Inmates filed taxes …

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