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Man Becomes Instant Quadrillionaire After PayPal Error

One Delaware resident was extremely lucky for an extremely short amount of time. Fifty-six year-old Reynolds received a huge surprise …

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Gunman Attempts To Assassinate Thai Official (Video)

A CCTV has captured dramatic footage of a Thai government official coming extremely close to being killed in an apparent …

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‘Pothole Robin Hood’ Takes Asphalt From The City And Fills Potholes

One Mississippi resident has taken matters into his own hands. Affectionately dubbed “the pothole Robin Hood,” Ron Chane takes asphalt …

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Mexico Is Now The Fattest Country, Taking Away America’s Title

America has handed over the title “Fattest Nation In The World” to Mexico, according to the FAO. According to a …

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30,000 California Inmates Go On A Hunger Strike

On Monday, 30,000 California inmates went on a hunger strike, officials say. Corrections spokeswomen Terry Thornton said participants refused both …

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Florida Bans Computers And Smartphones In A Poorly Written Bill

The joke is on Florida, who accidentally banned all smartphones and computers in a poorly written bill. In April, Florida …

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Boy Writes To NASA And Gets A Reply

Seven-year-old Dexter from England wanted to be an astronaut, so he sent NASA a letter— and it’s made the top …

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Bangkok Taxi Driver Murders American Man Over $1.60 Fare

A Thai taxi driver has recently been arrested after murdering a US man over a $1.60 fare, equivalent to roughly …

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