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Florida Bans Computers And Smartphones In A Poorly Written Bill

The joke is on Florida, who accidentally banned all smartphones and computers in a poorly written bill. In April, Florida …

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Boy Writes To NASA And Gets A Reply

Seven-year-old Dexter from England wanted to be an astronaut, so he sent NASA a letter— and it’s made the top …

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Bangkok Taxi Driver Murders American Man Over $1.60 Fare

A Thai taxi driver has recently been arrested after murdering a US man over a $1.60 fare, equivalent to roughly …

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Hawthorne Officers Involved With Dog Shooting Taken Off The Street

The three officers involved with the Hawthorne dog incident have been given a time out. The event was recorded via …

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Get Ready For The 4th of July With This Firework Fail Compilation (Video)

The 4th of July is a fine time for fireworks. There’s something almost magical about the pops, crackles and the …

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Horrible Parasailing Accident In Florida Injures Two Teen Girls (Video)

On Monday, two teenage girls were parasailing in Panama City Beach, Florida, when an impending storm turned winds their way, …

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Man Whose Dog Was Shot Four Times Tells His Side Of Story (Video)

The viral video of a dog being shot four times by a police officer continues to generate buzz. In Hawthorne, …

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California Police Officer Shoots Man’s Dog Four Times in Broad Daylight (Video)

Don’t watch if you are sensitive to animals being shot. Below you can find the video footage of what happened …

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