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Two Prison Inmates Claim $1.1 Billion In Fraudulent Tax Refunds

Prison inmates fraudulently claimed $2.5 billion in tax refunds in 2012—more than double 2010’s prison-related tax fraud. Inmates filed taxes …

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New York Governor Signs Nation’s First Gun Control Laws Since Sandy Hook

Just 32 days after the tragic shooting massacre at Newton, Conn.’s Sandy Hook Elementary, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed …

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NRA Releases Controversial Shooting Game

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the NRA, or National Rifle Association as of late. On the one month anniversary of …

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Alex Jones Records Paranoid Rant Before Leaving New York

Americans had plenty to say after viewing syndicated radio host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ manic display Monday on CNN’s …

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Pro-Gun Advocate Alex Jones Goes Crazy on Piers Morgan’s Show (Video)

Absolute mayhem may be the best way to describe radio host Alex Jones’ Monday-night appearance on CNN’s Morgan Tonight. Jones …

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393 Americans Killed By Guns Since Sandy Hook

Shooting deaths are in the news every day it seems, but there is little data available that actually compiles total …

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Homeless Man Found Dead Was Heir To Copper Fortune

The adage “a day late and dollar short” took on new meaning for a homeless man whose body was found …

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