Desperate For A Burrito But Hate Human Interaction? Burritobox Has You Covered

Image via Instagram/ burritoboxoffical

You can now buy a burrito from a vending machine in Los Angeles. The first Burritobox machine, located in a Mobil gas station store, offers a variety of burritos for $3 plus tax.

Before you get too excited, you should know it’s not as cool as it sounds. The burritos are all pre-made, so there’s no customizing your selection and no watching mechanical arms wrap it up.

Instead, you just make a selection from five choices: roasted potato, egg and cheese; uncured bacon, egg and cheese; shredded beef and cheese; free-range chicken, bean and rice; or chorizo sausage, egg and cheese. Burritobox states all burritos are 100 percent natural, with cage-free eggs, no hormones and no antibiotics.

The next screen asks if you want a side of sour cream ($0.50), hot sauce ($0.65) and/or guacamole ($0.75). Then you can look over all the ingredients and nutrition facts. If you’re happy with the selection, you pay by credit card and listen to a song for about 90 seconds while your burrito heats up.

Once it’s ready, your burrito comes out the bottom of the vending machine, along with any individually wrapped sides you chose.

Cheap and Easy, But Is It Good?

Reviews of the actual food are mostly negative.

Make no mistake: this is a microwave burrito,” LAist wrote. “The tortillas were a little bit mushy—some more so than others—and sheets of tortilla stuck to the paper as we unwrapped them. The fillings were pretty hit and miss but mostly miss.”

A taste tester at Vice called her burrito “fucking awful” and added that it “was not even Taco Bell quality.”

If you want to try out the burritos for yourself, head over to 8380 Santa Monica Boulevard, inside the Mobil station. A second machine will be ready for business Jan. 18 at 10389 Santa Monica Boulevard, inside a 76 station.