Dollar Shave Club Launches Butt Wipes for Men

dollar shave club wipes

How would you feel about buying butt wipes from a man who said “Great things happen when your ass feels fantastic. We want to service your face, ass and everything in between. This is a great way for us to make that bold statement that we want to own the bathroom“? That’s exactly what Dollar Shave Club CEO Mike Dubin told Business Insider of his latest product.

Asking to “service your face and ass” might seem like an intrusive proposition, but that’s only the beginning of Dubin’s wacky ad campaign for his new “One Wipe Charlies,” the “manliest” way to clean up after taking a particularly messy dump. Check out his promotional video here and prepare to be either slightly concerned or slightly amused:

Dubin’s company started out by selling a razor for $1 every month that gets shipped directly to your home. However, he recently chose to expand based on a simple tenet. More people wipe themselves than shave their faces. In other words, as everyone’s favorite potty training book has long attested, “Everybody poops.

In terms of numbers, this comes out as a $9 billion market for toilet paper compared to the $6 billion for shaving products. With such a large discrepancy, there’s no wonder Dubin decided to take advantage of the former market with the One Wipe Charlie. Honestly, the one wipe is more efficient, creating less paper waste and allowing you to spend less time in the bathroom.

But Dubin says he couldn’t start out with the wipes—they wouldn’t appeal to his male target market in the same way that razors, typically manly hygiene products, do. His company, the Dollar Shave Club, has raised more than $10 million and amassed 200,000 active members since launch.