Guy Celebrates 30th Anniversary Of Tetris By Programming The Game On A T-Shirt (Video)

You aren’t the only one who misses playing the classic childhood game Tetris for hours on end. One Luxembourg man wanted to honor the old-school game on its 30th anniversary by fulfilling one of his own childhood wishes.

I always wanted a playable T-shirt,” Marc Kerger says. “Well, now I made one myself.”

With 128 LED lights, four AA batteries, some 3D printed buttons on a T-shirt and a few other programming tools, Kerger created the coolest thing you’ve ever seen. You just know every over-sized kid on his block is green with envy.

In a video posted on his YouTube channel, Kerger shows off his playable Tetris T-shirt to the world, and it looks like the real deal.

Forget the latest iPhone, can we just put this on our Christmas list this year?