Hawthorne Officers Involved With Dog Shooting Taken Off The Street

Image via YouTube/ gabriel martinez

The three officers involved with the Hawthorne dog incident have been given a time out. The event was recorded via a YouTube video that now has 4.1 million views. The officers have been taken off the street due to safety concerns for them; threats are being made around the clock to not only the officers, but to the entire department.

Since Monday, the Hawthorne Police Department’s website has been down.

Hawthorne police Lt. Scott Swain made a statement saying that Rosby was not cooperating with the police who asked him to turn his music down.  Swain is not making a judgement on the decision of the officer at this time.

I’m not saying it’s justified, but even when it’s justified, there are some learning points,” Swain said in an interview. “Could we have done anything different? We’ll look at all those facts.”

Swain told the Daily Breeze:

There’s been death threats. You’d like to believe that maybe some of the people are just venting, but then you’ve got to be realistic — there are crazy people out there.”

Rosby, the dog owner, told his side of the story after this all went down, saying that he felt his dog did not deserve to die.

Hawthorne police chief’s letter to the community concerning the dog shooting