Invisible Umbrella Creates Windshield By Blowing Air

An umbrella that blows air out the top, propelling rain away from whoever stands under it? Pure genius! It’s such a simple concept that it’s truly unbelievable it’s taken anyone this long to conceive the idea.

Called the Air Umbrella, the new design by Je Sung Park and Woo Jung Kwon removes the plastic top from the basic umbrella design and replaces it with a wind shield. The Air Umbrella sucks air through its bottom, and shoots it out the top in a canopy-mimicking pattern. Users can adjust the power and canopy size with a control located near the bottom of the umbrella’s shaft, strengthening the air’s force during heavier rains.

Users will need to be mindful, however, that shooting air away from their bodies will most definitely shoot it toward innocent bystanders. Plus, the battery life of the Air Umbrella has yet to be thoroughly tested, and could possibly not outlast a long trek in a heavy storm. Still, the Air Umbrella is still in the concept phase, so any quirks are likely to be addressed before it’s introduced to the marketplace.

[Images via Yanko Design]