Is The Snooze Button Worthwhile? [VIDEO]

The alarm clock is my mortal enemy. I swear, back before my alarm clock was actually my phone – worth a few hundred smackaroonos – I actually grabbed the damn thing and threw it up against the wall on more than one occasion. I must admit, however, that I enjoy setting my alarm tone to pleasant songs rather than the typical – and God awful – BEEF BEEP BEEP. On that not, for some reason my husband – who also uses his iPhone as his alarm – insists on setting his alarm tone as the traditional beep, beep, beep. I’ve threatened to throw his phone across the room on several occasions… that’s how much I detest that sound. But so far I’ve been able to refrain.

Now that we’ve established my hatred for alarm clocks, let’s discuss the love-hate relationship we all have with the snooze button. We love hitting it to shut off the horrible alarm tone, just to make it go away and get a few more moments sleep. But science tells us that it does us more harm than good. Because, you see, when you wake, your body is generally in a state where it’s preparing for wakedness. But when you immediately fall back to sleep, you might fall back into a deep sleep, making it harder to wake up again in nine minutes or so. And so you’ll want to hit snooze again… and again.. and so on and so forth.

In all reality, your best bet is just to set your alarm nine minutes later and just get your ass out of bed when the alarm goes off the first time. Or forget the alarm all together and wake up naturally. I know that’s what works best for me, but unfortunately few of us – myself included – live in a world where we are able to do that often if ever at all.