KickStarter Project Helps You Locate Ghosts With Your iPhone

KickStarter Project Helps You Locate Ghosts With Your iPhone

Think yourself an amateur ghost-hunter, or always wanted to try it? Still have your VHS copy of “Ghostbusters,” as well as DVD and Blu-ray versions? A startup currently raising funds on Kickstarter has just the device you’ve been waiting for… an EMF detector that attaches to the headphone jack of an iPhone. Mr. Ghost uses a special app on the iPhone to decipher electromagnetic radiation detected from sources such as household appliances, cars, closets—really anything it’s pointed at.

Mr. Ghost founder Aaron Rasmussen believes future iPhones will be as powerful as Tricorders and have the ability to sense, interpret and record the natural world around us. He developed the EMF detector as a step in that direction.

Electromagnetic radiation is a wave-like form of energy, similar to microwaves, light waves and X-rays. EMF stands for the electromagnetic field. When electrons move through a wire, such as the power supply to appliances, it generates an electromagnetic field. Mr. Ghost detects the electromagnetic field. So whether you just want to check the EMF levels radiating from your refrigerator, or see if Slimer is hiding out in the shed, Mr. Ghost will do the trick.

Mr. Ghost is compatible and safe to use with iPhone4, 4s and 5, as well as the iPad2, 3 and 4, and the iPod touch 4th and 5th generations. It does not currently support the Android, and there are no plans to offer an Android app in the near future.

Rasmussen and his company Protagonist set a Kickstarter goal of $7,000 in pledges by Dec. 18 in order to fund the Mr. Ghost project. The project has already received $21,357 in pledges from 874 backers on the crowdfunding site. Although pledges of $1 or more are accepted, those pledging $20 will receive their very own white Mr. Ghost EMF detectors next February when the product is ready to ship. Pledges of $22 to $24 will earn the backer a Mr. Ghost in gray, red or orange.

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