LED Ice Cubes Tell You How Drunk You Are

LED Ice Cubes Tell You How Drunk You Are


How many people have woken up with a hell of a hangover after a night of partying, even though they only remember having only two or three stiff drinks? It’s easy to do, as the later hours become a blur once blood-alcohol levels reach a certain point. MIT graduate student Dhairya Dand had a similar experience last fall, except he woke up in the next morning in the emergency room after blacking out. The experience led Dand, 23, to invent a technology that will assist partyers in monitoring their drinking with 80 percent accuracy.

The digital ice cubes Dand created are made of gelatin and implanted with infrared transmitters, accelerometers and LED lights that change color from green to yellow to red based on the amount of liquor the user has consumed.

If you don't hurry, it would take say five drinks to hit the red color. If you are having a very mild drink, it might hit red on the sixth or seventh,” Dand told the Huffington Post.

The accelerometers in the devices measure the number of drinks the user has taken, allowing the cubes to measure the drinker’s blood alcohol content. Once they turn red, if the user continues to drink, they can even be set to text message the drinker’s friends, warning them the user should be taken home.

Dand originated the concept when MIT administration required him to write a 20-page research paper on binge drinking after his drunken night.

Instead I had this sudden flash of an idea to make something that would keep alcohol consumption in check,” he told the Daily Mail.

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