Lightning Strikes Twice For Kmart With ‘Big Gas’ Savings Ad (Video)

Whoever is responsible for Kmart’s marketing is a fucking genius, or perhaps “big gas” genius is more appropriate. After the runaway success of the retailer’s “Ship My Pants” ad—which has been viewed more than 17 million times on YouTube since its April release—K-Mart has delivered a sequel, promising “big gas” savings to shoppers who spend at least $50 in the store.

The tongue-and-cheek ad offers K-Mart customers a 30-cent per-gallon discount if they spend at least $50 at Kmart. The discount is provided in the form of a coupon that can be redeemed at BP or Speedway gas stations.

Thirty cents a gallon, that’s a big gas discount,” a man in the commercial states.

Just like the “Ship My Pants” promotion, the jokes don’t stop with one reference.

I hate these big gas prices,” a woman laments at the pump, followed by several people—some repeat offenders from the first ad—discussing what a “big gas discount” 30 cents a gallon is.

Totally solves my big gas problem,” a woman remarks.

Dad, look at that big gas truck,” a young boy exclaims while pointing to a gas tanker.

Has Kmart struck gold a second time? It’s looking that way, as the new video has already been viewed 1.5 million times in just two days. But it remains to be seen whether the two risqué ads will help the retailer’s bottom dollar. Its earnings report released May 23 indicates Kmart’s sales are down 4.6 percent this quarter.