McDonald’s New Ambassador ‘Happy’ Gives The Twitterverse Major Creeps


McDonald’s took to Twitter yesterday to make a major announcement and introduce the newest member of its creepy brand ambassador family (sorry Ronald, but you’re a clown—of course you’re creepy). Everyone, meet: Happy…the personified Happy Meal.

Happy makes his debut in the middle of McDonald’s new effort to promote a healthier lifestyle for kids, which will begin with a more health-conscious Happy Meal that will include options for fruits and low-fat yogurt as a side option and juice or water for the drink. Happy will be introduced nationwide on May 23, McDonald’s said on the company’s newsroom page.

While we’re all for McDonald’s promoting a healthier lifestyle for all the kids, we can’t blame the Twitterverse for losing it over the new, creepy little guy. Although coming from a company who has stood by its clown through and through, it comes as no surprise that Happy would conjure up a little buddy equally sinister. McDonald’s said that Happy was introduced in France way back in 2009 (how did we not know about this?!) and has since made his way through Latin America and other countries in Europe…saving the U.S. for the last apparently. *Cue ominous music*

People have been expressing how they feel about Happy on Twitter ever since his big debut. Here is what they’re saying about the McDonald’s brand ambassador.