Myspace Launches With $20 Million ad Campaign

Image via Myspace

Advertising campaigns are always interesting to follow. Sometimes a product can collapse under the weight of its own hype. Other times products never make a breakthrough simply because nobody heard about them.

In case Justin Timberlake’s promotion wasn’t enough, Myspace has launched a $20-million campaign to place the once formidable social media site back in the public’s eye. Below is the first unedited commercial:

I spot quite a few celebrities in here, but what I mostly see and hear is an annoying punk song and a lot of attractive people dancing around in confetti. Perhaps that appeals to some, but I’m more inclined to be enticed by a Justin Timberlake ad than this commercial.

Ok, personal music preference aside, what does this ad actually tell us about the new Myspace? I get it, Myspace is back, but why on Earth should I go back to that dreadful place?

The new Myspace has tons of new features like a GIF maker, personalized radio station, as well as a much smoother and more intuitive user interface. Why can’t Myspace make an ad showing that?

There’s going to be a lot more commercials forthcoming, but whether or not the negative stigma toward Myspace will change is another thing. If $20 million can’t do it, I don’t know what else can.