New ‘Heat Map’ Microwave Concept Displays Exactly How Hot Your Food Is (Video)

Anyone who’s ever suffered from the terrible fate of a half-frozen Hot Pocket or a scorched mouth due to melted cheese knows that microwaves aren’t exactly on the cutting edge of technology. Thus, inventor Mark Rober wants to give you a better microwave: the HEAT MAP Microwave.

In the video above, Rober explains the general premise behind the microwave, which uses an infrared camera to allow humans to actually see the temperature of the food they’re heating up. Instead of just guessing at how much time something needs to be microwaved, now you can see its infrared image turning first yellow, then orange, then red, then white right through the front of your microwave. If you’re not a hoverer, you can use an app that will let you see the heating process on your phone; if your food hasn’t heated all the way through by the time it’s done microwaving, you can even add more cooking time with the app.

Unlike Kickstarter and other crowdfunding projects, however, Rober — who has already patented the HEAT MAP Microwave — isn’t asking for any financial commitment. Instead, he’s asking that interested microwave enthusiasts sign the petition on his site so potential investors will be able to see that there is a legitimate demand for this type of product. So if you enjoy looking at trippy colors while watching food cook, head on over to his site and express your support for thoroughly cooked burritos without frozen centers.