New Leaked Photo Of Apple’s Low-Cost iPhone

Leaked photo of Apple's low cost iphone

Apple is taking over headlines nearly everyday. A new photo leak shows what could very well possibly be the colorful shell of the rumored low-cost iPhone. The low-cost phone, which Bloomberg reported could cost as low as $99.

The new photo comes from a French Apple site, who says they received it from a Chinese source.

Apple is rumored to be starting this low-cost line to fill a void in the market, especially in Asian countries, which have seen a trend in purchasing cheaper phones as opposed to smartphones.

Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller told the Shanghai News that Apple would only make “the best products” and “not push a cheaper smartphone for the sake of market share.”

The cheaper iPhone model is rumored to launch late September or early October, following the release of the iPhone 5S. If predictions are correct, this will be the first time Apple has ever introduced two models within the same time period.