New Smart Lighter Will Light Your Cigarettes But Help You Quit Smoking Too

Image via Kickstarter/Quitbit

A new smart lighter called Quitbit is the latest tool to emerge in the market of products to help you quit smoking. Except this lighter will let you have your cigarettes and quit them too.

A smart lighter that has a heat core to light your cigarettes, Quitbit is also a tracking tool with a display screen that tells you things like how many times you’ve lit up and how long it’s been since your last smoke — facts that are essential to know for the person trying to quit. You can even set a timer so that lighter automatically shuts off once you’ve reached your daily limit. A companion app then connects the user with a community of other Quitbit users and offers more useful info like trends in their smoking habits and options to set daily goals to keep on making progress.

Co-founders Ata Ghofrani and Kuji Nakano were inspired to create Quitbit during one of their own journeys to quit smoking while studying together at Brown. Ghofrani says that when Nakano would ask him how many cigarettes he had already had, he couldn’t tell him because there wasn’t a good way to really keep track.

“Sometimes, you light up without even thinking about it.” Ghofrani says in an informational video about Quitbit.

If you can measure it, you can manage it.”

A Kickstarter campaign to fund Quitbit’s production launched earlier this week. The company has a goal to raise $50,000 by June 11 and is already more than halfway there with more than $27,000 raised so far.

Check out a video on how Quitbit works and how it might be next big thing to help people really quit smoking: