New Strings App Lets You Take Back Texts

Image via Strings

It’s not even necessary to ask if you’ve ever sent an embarrassing text you wished you could take back, because everyone with a cell phone has done this at least once. With the new app Strings, however, you can finally delete your digital mistakes by erasing certain messages from your phone — and the phone of anyone the message was sent to.



Strings also attempts to minimize embarrassments by only allowing friends to download photos or videos sent to them after you’ve approved their request to download.

There are a few caveats, of course. In order to delete messages from someone else’s phone, they must also have the Strings app; sadly, Strings doesn’t give you omnipotent power to just start deleting every cringe-worthy misspelling and accidental group message you’ve ever sent. It also only works on iOS, and, as the Huffington Post notes, it can’t stop messages from being sent, so there’s a chance that inappropriate text you meant to send to your best friend but accidentally sent to your mom will still be seen by your mom anyway.

Strings CEO Edward Balassanian told the Huffington Post that Strings is the first messaging app that gives users “total control over their content.”

The challenge with ephemeral messaging apps is that they treat all content like it’s created equally, but we shouldn’t have to delete everything in order to delete some things,” he said. “Rather than trying to make content disappear, we sought to give users control so they would feel confident and comfortable to share what they want with who they want, in any way that they want.”

It’s not a perfect solution to drunk texting or accidental sexting, but Strings is certainly a step in the right direction (that direction being not looking like a total idiot when you text the wrong person). As of yet, there’s no word on how drunk with power people will become when they start using the new app and pretending that they’re digital gods.