Pavegen: Sidewalk That Generates Energy Crowdfunding On Kickstarter

Pavegen: Sidewalk That Generates Energy Crowdfunding On Kickstarter


Renewable energy is a hot topic as scientists continue to search for new and better ways to harness electricity. Of course water, wind and solar are all options, but what about our own footsteps? Sounds crazy, right? Not according to the creators of Pavegen, a sidewalk concept that harnesses kinetic energy generated from footsteps and converts it into electricity. The sidewalk—a composition of specialized floor tiles—convert movements into renewable energy that can then be used for a variety of electrical needs.

We’ve created a viable new form of renewable energy that everyone can engage with,” said Pavegen founder and CEO Laurence Kemball-Cook. “Every time someone buys, hires or steps on a Pavegen, we move one step closer to a greener, low-carbon future.

Pavegen is now seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter to bring its concept to life. The London-based startup is seeking £50,000 in pledged by Jan. 28 to take the project to the next level—fully funding two schools with four-tile permanent Pavegen installation in a busy hallway of their choice. The school, one in the US and one in the UK, will also receive interactive renewable energy displays to show students the amount of energy created with their footsteps and Pavegen.

Once Pavegen reaches its target pledge amount, all backers will be given the opportunity to vote on a school of their choice to receive the installation. The schools receiving the highest number of pledges will be awarded the Pavegen installations.

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