PhotoMath App Solves Equations Instantly Using Your Smartphone Camera

screen shot via Vimeo/MicroBLINK

A new app from MicroBLINK is making math a lot easier to figure out. PhotoMath uses smartphone cameras to capture images of equations and solve them in real time, showing students a step-by-step set of “human-like” instructions, says MicroBLINK.

The scanner is able to capture and calculate a wide variety of equations, from fractions and decimals to powers and roots, according to the company. Hopefully, this will encourage students to learn the steps for themselves rather than using their phones to instantly cheat on tests.

Only typewritten numbers are readable — handwritten equations won’t work. The app is currently available for iOS and Windows devices on the Apple App Store, Windows Phone Store and Google Play; an Android version should be available next year.

PhotoMath from MicroBLINK on Vimeo.