Scent Texting Becomes Real With iPhone App That Lets You Send Unique Aromas To Your Friends

Image via Indiegogo/oPhone

People have learned to communicate through sight, sound and touch, but what if you could converse with someone through the sense of smell? With a new app from the company that brought you the oPhone, a scent texting device that entered beta testing last July, you can do just that. OSnap for iOS is a new app that allows users to snap a picture and tag it with hundreds of thousands of different scent compositions to create a unique scent text message to send their friends. Once the other party receives the message, he or she can open it in Onotes and experience the aromatic message if within Bluetooth proximity to an oPhone.

“oPhone introduces a new kind of sensory experience into mobile messaging – a form of communication that until now has remained consigned to our immediate local experience of the world,” said David Edwards, founder and CEO of Vapor Communications in a press release.

With the oPhone, people will be able to share with anyone, anywhere, not just words, images and sounds, but sensory experience itself.”

The company has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $150,000 by July 31 for the oPhone Duo. Funders will receive the oPhone at a reduced price of $149 rather than $199 when it launches commercially next year, and also will be invited to the company’s launch party in Paris next summer.

Until the oPhone hits the market, however, you can still enjoy scent texting by using the oSnap app and downloading your scent text at select public hotspots in the next few months. The first hotspots will be located in Paris, New York City and Cambridge, Mass., with more planned to come. The American Museum of Natural History, home of the first oPhone hotspot, will open its hotspot to the general public for three weekends in July.