Skytender The Automatic Inflight Bartender

Skytender The Automatic Inflight Bartender

Like the mini liquor bottles and juice containers you get aboard flights? Enjoy them while you can, they may soon disappear into aviation history. A new device called the Skytender Trolley recently took its maiden flight on German airline WDL Aviation. Passengers traveling from Cologne to Palma Majorca were able to experience Skytender’s capabilities, as flight attendants simply pushed the trolley along, pressing a button to order up hot and cold drinks, including coffee, juice, soft drinks and cocktails.

The Skytender automatically prepared 18 different beverages, with no additional human action necessary. The trolley’s ability to mix drinks from prepackaged syrup means airlines will no longer have to stock the indicual drink containers or keep water boilers and coffee makers in the aircraft galley. Plus, because each Skytender carries 30 liters of water, flight attendants don’t have to head back to the galley to retrieve refills.

Skytender developer Air-Eltec and marketer Skymax hope the trolley will appeal to many airlines since it can make in-flight drink service cheaper and quicker. Individual airlines can program the Skytender to their own needs, since it produces 235 drinks with more than 100 flavors to choose from.

Our first ever test flight was a complete success, the system operated as expected and we have generated even more interest in our innovative product, the passengers were extremely pleased with the beverage options and most importantly the quality and speed of service,” said Skymax general manager Oliver Kloth.

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