SOS Condoms Delivers Condoms Within An Hour


Bring a hot date back to your place and realize you’re out of rubbers? If you’re in Dubai, Durex has a new service designed just for such situations—if you can hold her off for an hour.

Starting this week, Dubai residents can use their smartphones or a dedicated Web site to order Durex products delivered anywhere in the city. The service—called SOS Condoms—promises condoms within an hour between the hours of 4 p.m. and 4 a.m. To ensure privacy, the delivery person will come in disguise, such as a pizza delivery man or a tourist, and discreetly hand over the package.

SOS Condoms plans to expand to other cities, as well. The next city will be decided by a competition on SOS Condoms’ Facebook page, so if you want condoms delivered to your place, make sure you visit the page and vote.

SOS Condoms mirrors a similar service offered at the College of New Jersey. ConAm—Condom Ambulance—delivers condoms to students living on campus.

Is condom delivery a new trend in the safe-sex revolution?