Take Control Of Your Dreams With The Aurora Headband


A new device on Kickstarter can help you control your dreams. With help from the specially designed headband, you can make anything happen in your sleeping hours — at least that’s what it claims.

The Aurora headband has a small attached device that rests on your forehead. While you sleep, it plays specific lights and sounds that remind you that you’re dreaming without waking you up. Once you’re aware that your surroundings aren’t real, you’re able to take control and make your dream into anything you want it to be.

Lucid dreams aren’t just for fun; they can actually improve your real life. “Research shows that those who lucid dream regularly experience fewer nightmares and lower levels of stress and anxiety,” the Kickstarter page explains. “Visualizing activities during dreams actually improves performance of those activities in waking life.”

Product Features And Utility

The Aurora can sync with an Android, iPhone or computer via the iWinks app. From there, you can fully customize your experience with the device. “Create daring dreamsigns with quick, loud flashes for an immediate lucidity alert, or try softer, less apparent tones to subtly modulate your dreamscape,” The Kickstarter suggests. It states that you can make visualization easier by customizing what colors to show.

Like the lights and colors, sounds are also fully customizable. You can add any music or noises to your experience.

The headband has a built-in alarm function. Set a time range of when you’d like to get up, and the Aurora will wake you up at the best time in your sleep cycle. Waking up from a lighter sleep ensures that you’ll feel refreshed rather than groggy.

Kickstarter Success

Aurora’s Kickstarter campaign has already been a success. With 20 days still to go, the product has already far surpassed the goal of $90,000. The makers expect to have the finished product ready to ship by June.

Supporting Aurora is on the pricy side. The early bird special, already sold out, had a rate of $150. As of this writing, there are eight “later bird” specials available at $160, still a discount from the official price of $175. Those who pledge will receive the Aurora headband and app once they are available in June. If you really believe in the item and pledge more, you’ll receive additional items like a t-shirt and a dream reflection.