Tesla D Unveiled

screen shot via YouTube/Tesla Motors

After recently promising to “unveil the D,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk didn’t keep car-lovers waiting; late on Thursday night, he revealed the new dual-motor version of the Tesla Model S sedan, now known as the Tesla Model D.

With one motor in the front and another in the back, the Model D can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in only 3.2 seconds, making it faster than a Ferrari 458 Italia. Musk explained that what makes this dual-motor system unique — and better than past all-wheel drive systems — is that drivers can dynamically shift the power from the front to the rear of the vehicle at “the millisecond level.” This means a very quick adjustment of torque, leading to improved handling on the road.

The D also has a better range than previous Tesla models: It can go 10 miles farther per charge, giving it a range of about 275 miles, according to the Huffington Post.

But what makes this car really special is its “accelerated autopilot” function. The Model D can’t actually drive itself on the street, but it can park itself, change lanes with just a flick of the turn signal and be “summoned” to its owner, according to Engadget. Elaborating on this technology, Ars Technica reports that on private property, the Tesla D will be able to pull out of a garage and drive itself to wherever its owner is standing; the car also boasts forward-looking radar and image-recognition cameras that will allow it to read speed-limit signs on the road and adjust its speed accordingly, bringing humanity one step closer to its dreams of a sleek and shiny robot car.

The three versions of the D will begin shipping in December and February. If you’re thinking about getting one, better start saving up — according to Engadget, a fully equipped model P85D will cost around $137,720. You can check out more details in the video below.