Thankfully You’re Not Sitting At This Family Dinner (Video)

We’ve already highlighted some of our favorite videos from YouTube’s first-ever Comedy Week, including hilarious videos from the SNL trio, Sarah Silverman and the Gregory Brothers. And as the week has progressed, even more comics and celebrities have gotten in on the fun. But if you haven’t yet checked out Official Comedy’s “Conversation Jar: Nuclear Family,” it’s definitely a must-see.

We’ve all been stuck at the dinner table with nothing to say before. Don’t you hate it when the parental units try to liven things up with completely embarrassing or irrelevant topics? But has anyone ever pulled out a “conversation jar”? Talk about lame!

Hilarity ensues as the parents in the “Nuclear Family” choose one conversation starter after another, to the dismay of their teenaged offspring.

Believe it or not, a parenting Web site actually featured a conversation jar with 99 different conversation starters back in 2010. Note to parents: only use this tactic if you want your kids to grow up and hate your stupid asses.

If you laughed at “Conversation Jar,“official Comedy also used the “Nuclear Family,” in another Comedy Week video. Make sure you check out “Shocking Dinner Announcement.”