The Suitsy: A Business Suit That’s Also A Onesie

Image via Betabrand

If you’ve ever felt the desperate desire to combine the look of a suit with the comfort of pajamas, your day has finally arrived. No longer will you plaintively ask the universe why your suit can’t be just one piece; no longer will you sadly wonder why your pajamas don’t come with fake shirt cuffs and a jacket. The Suitsy is here to solve all your problems.

Created by Jesse Herzog, a San Francisco real estate developer, the Suitsy has been proposed as a design on Betabrand, an online clothing website that allows people to design and crowdfund their own clothes. Betabrand, home to designs you didn’t even know you needed — like the Executive Hoodie (a grey, pinstriped hooded sweatshirt), Dress Pant Yoga Pants and DiscoLab (which features things like pants, hoodies, jumpsuits and hammocks all made from an “absurdly shiny” disco-ball-esque fabric called disconium) — is kind of like Kickstarter, but for clothes.

The concept of the Suitsy is simple: It’s a “business suit onesie hybrid,” according to its page on Betabrand. The shirt is connected to the jacket and the pants, and a zipper runs down the whole thing from the neck through the fly. Herzog says on the page that his concept is “like if a jumpsuit and a business suit had a lovechild.”

Right now, there’s only a men’s version of the suit up for funding; so far, it’s received about 400 votes, and there’s still almost a month left to vote on it. If this does end up getting made, it’ll certainly bring a whole new meaning to the term “business casual.”