The Vessyl Cup Knows What You’re Drinking And Will Help You Become Smarter About What You Put Into Your Body

My Vessyl

There are plenty of calorie trackers and fitness apps to help you know more about what you’re eating and how much you’re exercising, but tracking what you drink throughout the day is a little more difficult. The creators of the smart to-go cup, Vessyl, want to tackle that problem.

The Vessyl is your ultimate to-go cup that’s integrated with special sensors that can actually identify what you’re drinking. Whether it’s smoothies or soda, coffee or wine, and evengood old H2O, Vessyl is designed to know. It can track the contents of the beverage in real time and tell you how not only how many calories it has, but also how much fat, protein, sugar and more — right on the front of the cup’s display screen. It will even know the brand of your drink.

The information is then sent to a corresponding app on your phone, so you can keep track of exactly what you’re drinking and how much all day long and over a period of time. It’s practical too; made with a slick, non-stick interior, Vessyl is also built with a unique spill-proof lid, so you can grab and go. More than just a tracking tool, Vessyl is built with a feature called Pryme Hydration, which the developers hope will really help people understand and stay better hydrated in an effort to live healthier. The cup is made to estimate your unique hydration needs and adjust them based on your activities and whereabouts. It will help you learn when you need to hydrate throughout the day, so you can drink more and drink smarter — a unique concept that the developers say isn’t as simple as people assume.

“Most people think that hydration is just about drinking eight glasses of water a day,” says Dr. Mark Berman, VP of Health at Mark One, the company behind Vessyl.

Truth is, it’s a lot more complex than that. Pryme allows us to understand how well we’re hydrating throughout the day.”

After seven years of research and development, the Vessyl is ready for production. It’s available for pre-order for $99 and will begin shipping in early 2015, according to the Vessyl website.