Want A Facebook Dislike Button? Welcome The Hater App


There have been protests about the absence of a dislike button on Facebook since the like button was introduced. There have even been spammers that have made installations on Facebook that make a dislike button for you, even though no one else can see you dislike something (you must really be a hater if you installed this, by the way). But now we have an even better solution from a world-famous hater by the name of Jake Banks, and its called the Hater App.

There was a lack of a place to voice that point of view in social network world,” Mister Banks declared to several different news sites across the Web. “You pin something, like it on Facebook, favorite on Twitter… everyone has these pseudo alter-egos online that are semi-fake and real. Everyone is liking food and vacation photos like nothing’s wrong – like it’s this weird, surreal land that isn’t reflective of our society.

We have been told since we were children that liking and appreciating people is the only way to go. No one, including Facebook, ever tells you it’s OK to hate someone. Facebook has told the world it never plans on installing any sort of official dislike button. We’re supposed to like one another, and if we can’t do that, we’re told not to say anything or do anything at all. Compassion and love make the world go ‘round, and hurting people’s feelings is stupid, especially when you hurt the feelings of your boss or someone who controls whether or not you have a job. Yeah, I’m starting to see why people encourage good feelings.

Regardless, being unable to hate on pictures, duck faces, new cars or Republicans is really pissing people off. It’s pissing people off so much, actually, that some random guy found a niche he can fill.

To be fair, it is pretty important to tell people your real feelings, even when they aren’t pleasant. The world isn’t made of flowers and rainbows, and feelings aren’t always positive toward everyone else. While I support honesty, I don’t support the kind of behavior this app is going to encourage.

You download this app—it’s only available on iOS right now—and you can literally “hate” things that others uploaded that they hate, too. The stuff you can upload is endless. It can be a picture of the dolphin that murdered your childhood friend or a picture of that burger with snot on top of it you had the other week. Other people using the app can see your comments, and you can see theirs. Some people have this coming, like Nicholas Cage, but what happens when people start hating on a local business that doesn’t deserve it, or their exes? Banks says there’s no difference between his Hater App and people saying a bunch of crap about someone they no longer speak to on Tumblr or leaving bad reviews on Yahoo!.

But all I have to say is, “what the hell?

Someone needs to go to this Hater App and hate a little on Jake’s Facebook page. But honestly, I think this is just one more channel for bullying people that don’t really deserve it. I’m honestly kind of worried people will just use this new app for bad. OH WAIT. That’s all it’s designed for. For bad, snobby, obnoxious commenting.

Does anyone else see a mob of teens and preteens and adults that act like teens coming this way?