34 Ways To Make Money In 2019

34 Ways To Make Money In 2019

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Let’s face it – everyone likes money. It pays the bills, buys nice things, and provides us with savings so we can feel secure. That’s why just about everyone is always looking for additional ways to make money.

This article covers various ways to make money, including side jobs, investing, banking, starting a business, using cash-back apps, taking online surveys, and more.

Whether your wallet is looking a bit thin, you’re saving up for something special, or you simply enjoy watching your bank account grow, this list is for you.

So without further ado, here’s an extensive list of simple ways to make money.

1. Make money by taking online surveys.

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If you follow the news, you’re probably aware of Harris Poll, as their surveys are often cited in articles. You can become a poll respondent for Harris by taking surveys online and getting paid in gift cards from companies like Amazon, iTunes, and Starbucks.

The system is based on points, with everyone receiving 50 points when they sign up. The polls you’re offered are based on the details provided in your profile, with most of them taking around a short time to complete. They can usually be done on your mobile device, so it’s an easy way to make money while you’re waiting in a doctor’s office or riding as a passenger in a car.

Two other legitimate survey sites to make money from are Swagbucks and Mypoints. We’ll get more into those as you scroll down the list.

2. Get paid for the stuff you already do online with Swagbucks ($5 bonus).

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If you’re like most people, you probably spend a lot of time online. Why not get paid for doing what you already do anyway?

Swagbucks gives you gift cards and cash for doing things like searching the web, watching videos, playing online games, and answering surveys. You can also get rewarded when you sign up for new services and try free samples of products.

The process is simple – you receive Swagbucks for everything you do, and you cash those in for gift cards or cash back via PayPal. Talk about a simple way to make money.

Swagbucks gives out 7,000 gift cards a day, with members already receiving more than $297 million in rewards.

Sign up for Swagbucks.

3. Make money by Listing your extra room on Airbnb.

Airbnb has completely changed the accommodation game, as travelers can now stay in cozy, unique, welcoming homes rather than be limited to boring hotel rooms. It’s incredibly easy to list your own place on the popular website and is a great way to make money.

If you have a room in your house that sits empty, or an in-law suite that only hosts your in-laws once a year, you’re missing out on major cash. Listing a section of your house – or your entire house – is simple. Just log onto Airbnb and the website will walk you through the rest. If you’re curious about what you could be earning, check out the Airbnb earnings estimator.

According to numerous surveys, Airbnb hosts are making more than anyone else in the gig economy, bringing in an average of $924 a month. The average host in Los Angeles makes $9,100 a year while those in Seattle are bringing home a sizeable $11,100 a year. This is an incredibly simple way to make money, as it involves utilizing an asset you already have.

4. Drive with Lyft and get a $300 new-driver bonus.

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Unless you live in a city with great public transportation, you probably have a car. Why not use it as an easy way to make money? It can help pay your bills and then some.

Lyft lets its drivers pick up gigs whenever they want, which means they’re always in control.  In addition to the regular rate, drivers also have the opportunity to earn bonuses for working during peak periods and accepting 90% of the rides offered to them. Gratuities are also part of the equation, with passengers being able to tip straight from the app on every single journey.

Getting paid is super easy with Lyft’s Express Pay program, which allows drivers to cash out whenever they want. According to Lyft, median earnings are $29.47 per hour, nationwide. That number rises to $31.18 per hour in America’s top 25 markets. Some of its drivers make more than $800 by only working on Friday nights and weekends.

Lyft is offering a $300 new driver signup bonus. Drivers can also get cash for referring other people to become drivers.

5. Make money off your car when you’re not using it.

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You can make serious cash by listing your car on rental sites, allowing people who temporarily need a set of wheels to use your vehicle and avoid those pesky corporate rental car companies.

Try Getaround:

Getaround is a great site that allows you to put your idle car to work, listing your vehicle on the website and turning it into a paycheck with no driving necessary. There are car owners who have pocketed over $30,000 using Getaround.

There’s no reason to be nervous about someone else driving your car, as you’re protected with $1,000,000 primary insurance. Drivers are also screened before getting into your car, ensuring they have a safe driving record. You can earn more than $800 a month by renting your car on Getaround, according to the site.

But you can also earn more. Click here to see real-life testimonials from Getaround members, including Evan G., who has made $37,141 since 2012 by renting out his Honda Civic Hybrid.

Getaround is available in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Los Angeles, Portland, Chicago, Washington DC, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Seattle, Boston, New York City, Miami, and San Diego.

Try Turo:

If Getaround isn’t yet available in your area (or even if it is), you can also use Turo to list your car as a rental, maximizing your earning potential. Car owners earn anywhere between $30 and $1,000 a day – not a bad paycheck for renting out something that otherwise would have been sitting idle. Turo will also pay you via direct deposit within five days.

If the market value of your car is $20,000 and you rent your car for 15 days a month, Turo estimates you can earn $6,501 per year. Check to see what you could earn.

This is one of the best ways to make money – it not only helps you and a driver in need of a car, but it also helps the environment by minimizing the number of vehicles on the road.

6. Get rewarded when you shop.


Drop allows you to turn your purchases into rewards and discounts by using a simple app.

You’ll automatically get points by linking your credit and debit cards to the app, and you’ll get more points for shopping at the places you already shop – whether that’s your local grocery store or your favorite restaurant.

You can redeem your points for gift cards once you’ve accumulated enough (1,000 points are worth $1). This is done directly in the app, allowing you to browse the selection of rewards on offer before deciding how to cash in.

Join Drop today and see why more than 1 million people are already using the app.

7. Deliver food with DoorDash.

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The days of only being able to have pizza and Chinese food delivered to your house are now over, thanks to drivers who pick up delivery gigs through apps like DoorDash.

DoorDash allows drivers to become “dashers” for the company. How much money you make depends on the time you put in, which is totally up to you. The concept is simple – customers order food from restaurants through the app, and dashers pick up the food and deliver it to their home or office.

Many people who deliver for DoorDash have great things to say about their jobs, as they get paid to learn about new restaurants in their city. Some people choose to deliver on their bikes, which means they essentially get paid to stay fit. If you already travel around town on two wheels, this can be an easy way to make money.

8. … And Uber Eats.

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There are 2 ways to earn money with Uber, with delivering food being an option. Uber Eats is perhaps the most well-known food delivery app out there, with drivers making their own schedules and delivering food whenever it’s convenient for them.

Sign up to deliver with Uber Eats, all you will need is a mode of transportation and a smartphone (and a bank account where you can receive your sweet paychecks).

The model is the same as DoorDash, with drivers picking up food from restaurants and taking it to customers via their car, scooter, or bicycle.

We recommend signing up for both Uber Eats and DoorDash, if they are both available in your area.

9. Cut your existing bills.


Even if you’re great at managing money, there are probably still areas where you could use a little help. Sign up free to Trim for the support with that, it’ll literally cut your existing bills.

Trim is a free money-saving assistant that tracks your spending habits, suggests money-saving cuts, and even negotiates lower cable and internet bills on your behalf. It keeps in contact with you via SMS or Facebook Messenger by giving you spending and balance alerts, and automatically applies coupons and discounts. Sign up and watch the savings roll in. Oh, and they’re really serious savings – Trim has saved users over $1,000,000 in the past month alone. Those savings equate to cash in your pocket, making this a simple way to make money by doing basically nothing.

10. Grocery shop for other people.

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If you’re like most people, you spend a decent amount of time at the supermarket. Becoming an Instacart Shopper is a great way to make money picking up groceries for people.

Instacart is an app where busy people who simply don’t have time to go to the store can order and outsource their shopping to someone else. You can make a big chunk of change by being that “someone else.” In fact, you can make more than $20 an hour during busy periods. Not bad for doing something you already do anyway. This is an easy way to make money, as it involves doing what you already do anyway.

11. Be a stylist.

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Do you love fashion? Become a “stylist” by being an independent seller of Stella & Dot merchandise.

The women’s fashion company allows you to sell their products in person and online for a 25%-35% commission. Start a Facebook page, share photos of your pieces on Instagram, or host a Stella & Dot party with all of your friends. How you earn is totally up to you. You’ll also get a 25%-50% discount when you buy a product from the company.

The average Stella & Dot stylist makes $1,400 a year, which is a decent chunk of change. However, some exceptional stylists have been known to make around $43,800 based on 2017 data. As with most things, you get what you put in. The Stella & Dot starter kit is $199 – a small investment with large potential.

12. Make money off your shopping history with ShopTracker.

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All you have to do is sign up and agree to have your shopping history shared with ShopTracker. All of your personal details such as your credit card information, name, and address will be removed before your data is shared.

Once you sign up for ShopTracker, you’ll receive a code which can be used to redeem $3.00. These codes will keep coming in monthly increments throughout the year, which means you can pocket $36 annually without really trying. It’s not a ton, but every way to make money helps.

13. Become a translator.

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Do you ever wish you hadn’t stopped studying Spanish once you reached college? Do you envy those who seamlessly switch between two languages without missing a beat? You can be like that, with the help of Babbel.

Babbel is an online language tool that can teach you how to speak a foreign language correctly and with confidence. Brush up on your skills, or learn an entirely new language, and use that knowledge to make extra cash by moonlighting as a translator (which brings in an average salary of around $20 an hour) or getting a job that values and compensates bilingual employees. This is one of the best ways to make money – it allows you to earn cash by enriching that big brain of yours.

14. … Drive with Uber.

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Uber operates on the same model as Lyft, giving drivers the freedom to make their own schedules. Drivers can also make more during busy times of the day, known as surge hours, and the company offers incentives such as volume bonuses.

It doesn’t need to be Uber vs. Lyft, you can drive with both of them to make sure you get as many riders as possible and increase your earning potential. Getting paid is easy and done weekly, and passengers also have the opportunity to leave you tips within the app. Uber is a great way to make money for someone who doesn’t want a 9 to 5 or a boss to answer to.

15. Use CIT Bank.


CIT Bank offers up to 2.15% annual percentage yield (APY) on savings accounts – all you have to do is commit to making a monthly deposit of $100 or more, or have $25,000 in your account. You can open an account with just $100. If the APY seems like an awesome number, that’s because it is. CIT Bank’s interest rates are 26 times the national average.

It also has great rates on CDs, giving you a 2.50% APY for an 18-month one. No matter what your savings goals are, CIT Bank has something for you. The savings you’ll receive are completely passive, meaning you’ll earn while doing absolutely nothing. Talk about an easy way to make money.

16. Maximize your 401k.

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You probably feel pretty good about your 401k contributions, but it may not be performing as well as it could be.

The financial professionals at Blooom can help with your goals. Bloom will analyze your 401k for free and get rid of anything that’s not helping your portfolio live up to its full potential. This is done by eliminating hidden fees and moving you to the lowest cost funds available within your plan. Once that’s done, they monitor your portfolio, keeping an eye out for any changes or suspicious activities. You can get a free analysis in a matter of minutes.

Bloom is no joke – its clients have saved a collective $609,000,000 in lifetime fees so far, and that number continues to grow every second.

17. Start an online store.

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Have you always dreamed of owning a store and becoming your own boss? Shopify can help turn that dream into a reality, making it possible to start a store in just 35 minutes.

Shopify has taken care of everything, allowing you to customize your shop to your needs and desires so that you can focus on the fun parts of running your own store.

You can choose from hundreds of graphic themes, easily take credit card payments through Shopify’s payment system, and keep track of orders on the online dashboard. You don’t need to pay for hosting, because Shopify handles that for you. That alone could be worth the small monthly fee of $29. Shopify gives you a free 14-day trial to test it out.

More than 600,000 businesses are already using Shopify, with $72 billion worth of products sold. There are countless success stories, from the Mom who was laid off and decided to become an entrepreneur, to the naturopathic doctor who needed a way to sell her revolutionary medication patches.

18. Start a Website or blog.

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One of the best ways to make money is to turn your passion into cash. Start a blog or website today has never been easier, with many great website builder options available. There are bloggers out there making six and seven figure incomes.

One of the best and easiest to use website builders is iPage.  It’s just $1.99/month with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You’ll receive a free domain when you signup and drag and drop site builder. You’ll also get $500 in free extras through a special offer going on, which includes $100 in Google AdWords credit, $100 in Bing ad credits, free Sitelock security tools and more.

When you’re ready to make money off your site, you can use Google’s banner advertising service Adsense, earning money based on the number of exposures and clicks each ad gets.

You can also direct people to your blog with Bing ads – and we have an extra $100 credit offer to help you get started.

19. Invest with Ally.

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The world of investing can be confusing, but Ally Invest makes the process incredibly easy, providing different strategies and allowing you to pick the one that best suits you.

You’ll also get a choice of self-directed investments or managed ones. No matter what, you’ll benefit from some of the lowest commissions out there. This is made possible due to the fact that Ally Invest is an online brokerage and doesn’t have the same overhead costs as a brick-and-mortar institution.

Once you become an Ally Invest customer, you’ll be able to access your portfolio and make trades across multiple devices. This is made incredibly easy through Ally Invest’s iPhone and Android apps.

Whether you’re interested in stocks, options, ETFs, bonds, mutual funds, Forex, or Futures, Ally Invest has you covered.

20. Invest in major real estate projects.

building ways to make money

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Fundrise allows you to invest in multi-million dollar real estate projects without actually being a millionaire.

It’s a great way to diversify your investment portfolio, and you only need $500 to get a piece of the pie. Fundrise’s website claims historical annual returns between 8.7%-12.4%

If it sounds too good to be true, it’s not. Fundrise’s success speaks for itself. It recently ranked 35 on Inc.’s top 500 fastest-growing private companies list, after experiencing a three-year growth rate of 7,340 percent.  Investing is always risky and past performance is not indicative of future results.

Start investing with Fundrise.

21. Invest in the planet.

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If you care about the environment, Swell is an awesome way to invest in it while also investing in your financial future. You can invest with just $50.

Through Swell, you can invest in projects focused on a world with clean water, fewer diseases, and renewable energy sources. The platform is focused on high-growth companies working towards progress, and has created portfolios of stocks that stand to grow as our planetary needs increase. Swell charges a super reasonable fee – if you were to invest $500, you’ll pay just $3.75 a year in fees.

Disclosure: We have a financial relationship with Swell Investing LLC and will be compensated if consumers apply for an account and/or fund an account with Swell through links in our content. However, the analysis and opinions expressed here are our own.

22. Invest in cryptocurrencies.


When bitcoin first came out, most people were a little hesitant. That hesitation was only natural, but people like the Winklevoss twins took their chances and became billionaires as a result.

If you’re interested in trying your luck, you can do so with eToro, the world’s leading social trading platform. It offers a range of options for day traders and long-term investors, as well as a fully managed thematic portfolio. It also comes with the security of knowing that more than 6 million people are already using eToro for their investing needs.

While bitcoin is a major part of eToro, it also offers 11 other investing options – Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Stellar, NEO, EOS, Cardano, and IOTA.

Investing in bitcoin or any cryptocurrency is risky, and it’s highly recommended that you do your due diligence before making any financial decisions.

23. Put your investments on autopilot.

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If the word “investment portfolio” sends you into a tizzy, don’t worry. There’s a website that can make smart decisions on your behalf, without you having to lift a finger.

Wealth Simple builds personalized portfolios using a Nobel Prize winning investment strategy – and it’s all done in just five minutes. It also uses low-cost technology and ETFs, so clients pay fees that are a lot lower than what traditional financial advisors charge.

When you sign up to Wealth Simple, you can rest assured that your portfolio will be automatically rebalanced when the market changes, and that your stock dividends will be reinvested. You’ll also have access to advisers who can answer any questions you might have.

Click here to find out why 100,000 clients around the world trust Wealth Simple with their money.

24. Help others with your investments.

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You’ve probably heard of peer-to-peer lending, but you probably don’t know how you can benefit from it. Continue reading to find out.

Lending Club has made it possible to invest your money in a regular investment account or an IRA. Your portfolio consists of notes which are equivalent to fractions of loans. That is, your money goes towards helping someone else get a personal loan when they need it – whether it’s to consolidate debt or make improvements to their home.

When borrowers make their payments – with interest – some of that cash goes to you, giving you a return on your investment.

You can automate your investments based on Lending Club’s pre-selected strategy, or manually browse loans and purchase notes.

25. Build your professional skills with Coursera.

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Expanding your knowledge will always equal greater income opportunity. That’s why getting a degree, taking classes, and learning new skills will always be a path to more money. You can learn new skills online easily with Coursera.

The website offers a range of opportunities to grow your skills, giving you the chance to take online courses from top universities and organizations from the comfort of your own home. Each course features pre-recorded videos, quizzes, and projects, so you can study on your own schedule. You’ll also be able to connect with other learners just like you.

Courses are offered in just about every discipline, from photography to starting your own business. You can even earn a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Pennsylvania (yes, that’s an Ivy League school). The cost is about one-third of the cost of earning the same degree on campus, but your diploma will not indicate that it was earned online.

Meshram, who lives in India, used Coursera courses to help him get into Cornell University’s master’s program in Industrial and Labor Relations. “Since my mathematics education ended after 10th grade, I was finding it difficult to get accepted into grad programs,” he told India Today, stressing that Coursera allowed him to fill in his academic gaps.

26. … Or 360training.

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360training offers more than 6,000 online courses, several of which are completely free. There’s an option for everyone, regardless of your career or professional goals.

From learning about the rules of serving alcohol in Texas to real estate appraisals and mortgages, you’re bound to find countless ways to broaden your skills and make you that much more desirable when it comes time to apply for a job (or get a raise at your current employment).

More than four million learners in 67 countries are already using 360training to improve their career skills. You can do the same, get started with 360training.

27. Make money by getting refunds on the things you buy automatically.


Isn’t it the worst when you buy a laptop or a phone and then a week later the price magically decreases for everyone else?

Not if you have Paribus. Meet the app you never knew you needed, but will want to get it right now.

Paribus is a free app that tracks price drops at stores with price adjustment policies for you. Stores covered by Paribus range from L.L. Bean and J. Crew to Walmart and Costco to Target and Office Depot to Wayfair and Anthropologie. Even Home Depot is covered!

When prices drop, you’re eligible a refund. Most of us don’t keep track of our receipts and price drops at all, though. Paribus keeps track of both, so when price drops come along for items you’ve already purchased, you get cash. It’s an incredibly easy way to make money.

When you sign up for Paribus, your mailbox is connected to the Paribus Receipt Fetcher. As you shop, Paribus logs your purchases. Whenever you’re eligible for a price adjustment claim, Paribus files the claim on your behalf. Once the claim has gone through, you earn 100% of the savings.

28. More shopping rewards and surveys.

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Shopping online is fun, but it’s even more fun when you get rewards that translate into cash and gift cards.

MyPoints allows you to earn free gift cards when you shop online at top retailers like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. You’ll even earn a $10 Amazon gift card just for making your first purchase. The rewards are legit – 10 million people have already been awarded $236 million in gift cards and Paypal cash.

Mr. Rebates gives consumers cash back at more than 2,500 online stores. In addition to the usual everyday rebates, the website offers special weekly deals and bonus cash back when you shop at the “store of the week.” There’s a huge range of stores and services on the site, from hotels to Home Depot.

Dollar Dig works the same way, and will even give you $2.50 just for signing up and “liking” it on Facebook. At the time of publishing, one store on the website was giving consumers a whopping 26% cash back.

29. Go on a rewards scavenger hunt in store.


Did you know you can earn money by simply walking into stores and scanning items with your phone? You can, with Shopkick.

Shopkick is an easy way to make money by simply walking into certain stores, as well as scanning products inside stores. Each time you do so, you’ll receive points (known as “kicks”) which can be converted into gift cards at major retailers. It’s like a scavenger hunt that pays. The gift cards are delivered straight to your phone and there’s no purchase required to participate.

You can also make money by watching online videos, visiting online shops, and making in-store and online purchases.

30. Get paid to lose weight.

paid to lose weight ways to make money

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Losing weight can be hard, so any kind of motivation is usually welcomed. HealthyWage lets you bet on your own success while giving you the opportunity to earn up to $2,000 by shedding pounds.

The way it works is that you sign up for a team challenge. You can come with your own team of five, or be assigned to one. You pay $25/month for three months and start your weightloss journey. At the end of the three months, the team which has lost the most amount of body fat wins $10,000 to be split between all five members. So you’re basically putting in $75 for the chance to win $2,000. You can even earn your entry fees back if you weigh-in after six months and you’ve kept the weight off.

There are no guarantees that your team will win, but even if you lost the $75, you were still motivated to lose the weight (and a gym membership or personal trainer would have been more expensive).

Bet on your weight goals at HealthyWage.

31. Score a flexible job.

job interview ways to make money

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Have you ever dreamed of having a flexible job, but didn’t know where to look? Wonder no more. FlexJobs is a one-stop shop for just about every type of job – from remote work to freelance work, full-time jobs to temporary and part-time jobs.

There’s something for every career level on FlexJobs, whether you’re an entry-level professional or a seasoned supervisor. There are more than 50 career categories featuring job posts from companies that have been hand-screened by the team at FlexJobs. This means all of the posts you see are legitimate – there are no dodgy ads or scams.

FlexJobs is great for people who dream of working from home, as well as digital nomads, parents seeking flexible hours, and freelancers looking to gain more clients. People who are seeking a more traditional office environment will also find what they’re looking for.

Get started finding a job with FlexJobs.

32. Get paid to save energy.

wind energy ways to make money

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If you care about the environment and want to reduce your carbon footprint, that’s awesome. What’s even more awesome is that you can get paid for doing it.

OhmConnect is a revolutionary concept which allows you to be contacted when dirty, expensive power plants switch on nearby (something that happens when the grid is stressed).

You’ll receive a notification about once a week to save energy for an hour. If you seize that opportunity, you’ll get paid. The concept is simple – the cash is paid by the grid to OhmConnect, which then passes the cash onto you and other eco-warriors via PayPal.

The average member makes between $100 and $300 a year just by saving energy a few times a week. If you have a large home, you can expect to earn more because you have more opportunities to reduce your consumption.

Interested? All you have to do is link your utility accounts to OhmConnect – free of charge. It’s an easy way to earn money while doing something good.

Get started saving the planet with OhmConnect.

33. Sell your old stuff online.

It doesn’t matter if you live in a tiny studio apartment or a huge six-bedroom house. There’s absolutely stuff sitting around your home that you don’t use. Why not make money by getting rid of it?

Decluttr is an app that will give you money for the stuff collecting dust around your home, from used cell phones to CDs and books. All you have to do is create an account and tell Decluttr what you’re selling. If it’s a phone, just give them the make, model, and condition. If it’s something else, scan the barcode.

You’ll immediately see what Decluttr will give you for those items. Once you accept their offer, you pack up your items and mail them – completely free of charge – to the Decluttr warehouse. You get paid the day after your items arrive. No hassle, and no auction fees (we’re looking at you, eBay).

34. Sell your unwanted gift cards.

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It was very nice of your aunt to buy you a gift card to Bass Pro Shops, but she seems to have forgotten that you hate the outdoors and you’ve never touched a fishing rod in your entire life. Luckily, you can sell that gift card online.

Websites like Card Pool make it easy to unload your unwanted gift cards, allowing you to simply go online and enter the details of each card (such as the merchant and its monetary value). The amount you’ll get for your card varies by brand, and you’ll receive an offer once the balance of your card is verified. On Cardpool, you can get up to 92% of the card’s value. Both physical and online gift cards are typically accepted.

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