Now You Can Buy Victoria’s Secret With Bitcoins

12/24/13 10:23AM EST

Now You Can Buy Victorias Secret With Bitcoins Now You Can Buy Victorias Secret With Bitcoins

Image via Frank Gaertner/Shutterstock

Bitcoins can buy a lot of odd stuff, whether you’re in the market for an electric car, a trip to space or an illicit substance. Now you can use the virtual currency to pay for lingerie.

Victoria’s Secret just signed on to offer gift cards through Gyft. The Gyft app, available on Andriod and iPhone, lets users buy virtual gift cards or store the information for plastic ones. Users buying new gift cards can pay via bitcoins or traditional currencies.

This is welcome news for Bitcoin, which is still struggling since China announced new restrictions on the currency. After hitting a high of about $1,200 early this month, Bitcoin has fared poorly. Preev values one bitcoin at just $664.

Buy a Victoria’s Secret gift card through Gyft here.