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Ex-Barclays CEO Bob Diamond Says Daughter’s Vulgar Tweet ‘So Nice’

Bob Diamond may have been ousted as Barclays CEO, but he’s a kick-ass dad. If you recall, Diamond was ousted …

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Jay-Z: From Solo Artist To Sports Agent

When most people think of great entrepreneurs, names of CEO’s, inventors, and even sales gurus typically come to mind. But, …

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Infographic: US Vacation Policy Sucks

From Visually. Here in the States, a lot of folks are lucky to get a vacation from work, let alone …

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Video: New JC Penney Ad Begs Customers To Come Back

Talk about crawling back on your hands and knees, tail between your legs. JC Penney knows it fucked up royally, …

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Study Says Hookah Worse Than Cigarettes

Over the past several years hookah bars have become a growing trend, especially around college campuses. Originally a Middle Eastern …

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Study: Teens Think Driving While Smoking Weed Isn’t Dangerous

According to a survey conducted by Liberty Mutual Holding Co., an astounding 34 percent of teenagers who admit to having …

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Video: Horrific Plane Crash In Afghanistan Caught On Camera

Horrifying video footage has surfaced depicting the US Boeing 747-400 crash that occurred just after takeoff Monday at Bagram Airfield …

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Video Shows You How Google Glass Works

So we’ve seen the amazing footage of the first Google Glass Explorers unboxing and trying out their new devices, and …

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