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New Bathroom-Finding App Helps You Figure Out Where To Pee

If you’re ever in an unfamiliar city and need to go to the bathroom, worry no longer — Airpnp is …

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20th Anniversary PS4 Sells For $129,000

A recent online auction that had PlayStation aficionados slavering over the world’s rarest PlayStation 4 has ended with the PS4 …

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15 Reasons Why Everyone Should Experience Traveling Alone

Traveling alone might seem counterintuitive to you; after all, you’re traveling so you can have fun, not so you can …

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15 Ways FOMO Can Stand In The Way Of Your Success

Acronyms! Don’t they suck? (They really do suck.) I hate acronyms, but sometimes I see one that makes me pause …

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Google Might Be Overvalued As Failures Build

The question isn’t how to kill a giant — it’s how to know when the behemoth is dying. That’s the …

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Why Hasn’t Detroit Killed Tesla?

Tesla Motors is still around, and it is thriving. But whatever happened to all of the pressure Detroit was putting …

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Court Says It’s OK To Give Cops The Finger

In a momentous decision for American citizens who enjoy flipping the bird to cops, a federal court has ruled that …

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New Radar Device Allows Police To ‘See’ Into Homes

A new device called the Range-R is using radio waves to show police officers what’s on the other side of …

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