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16 Signs You’re Not Comfortable With Change

Change is scary for just about everyone, but some people approach change with more trepidation than others. For some, change …

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What Her Favorite TV Show Says About Her

Sometimes people watch a TV show simply because it is on television. Other times, they feel an intense pull toward …

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20 Reasons To Be Grateful For Snowstorms

Snowstorms are getting quite the reputation these days. They get labeled as Snowmageddons, snowpocalypses, storms of the century and other …

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20 Weird Things People Think When They Reach Their Late 20s

The late 20s are to the early 20s what the early 20s are to the teens: a time when you …

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17 Monumental Decisions Procrastinators Face Every Day

Procrastinators have it rough. To a procrastinator, every day presents a to-do list that will never go away; a procrastinator’s …

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21 Reasons Best Friends Make The Best Valentines

Valentine’s Day is a day for celebrating the love between two people in a committed relationship. While this can, and …

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22 Things All Book Lovers Know To Be True

Being a bookworm is awesome. It opens up strange new worlds, expands our horizons, helps us think critically, sparks the …

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What You Can Tell About An NYC Woman Based On The Neighborhood She Lives In

“Judging a book by its cover” doesn’t quite compare to judging a New York City woman by the neighborhood she …

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