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MYO Promises To Turn You Into A Jedi

Gesture control has been a contentious aspect of tech development. Nintendo pioneered motion control with the Wii remote, and Microsoft …

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New App Senses Emotions From Voice Tone

Remember mood rings? With their thermochromic elements, such as liquid crystal, they changed color in response to the wearer’s body …

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Recess Moves From The Playground To The Computer

Ah, recess. Those wonderful breaks in days bygone when we could rest our minds, stretch our legs and return to …

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Exclusive: EyeVerify To Launch Commercially In 2013

According to recent research from Cisco, the number of mobile devices will exceed the global population in 2013, and Deloitte …

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LivesOn App Gives New Meaning To ‘Ghostwriter’

What happens to your Twitter account when you die? Afraid all your followers will be distraught missing the daily updates …

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Lose Your Phone Obsession With Embrace+

Technology has encroached nearly every aspect of our everyday lives to the point most people admit they are practically glued …

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Xshield: iPhone Wallet Keeps ID Thieves At Bay

Most people are practically glued to their mobile phones, much more so than even their purses, wallets and keys. That …

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Shoe Size Not A Good Measure Of Penis Size… Predicktor App Can Tell

Girls talked about different ways to judge the size of a guy’s member going all the way back to junior …

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