GameStick: Affordable, Portable Game Console Exceeds Crowdfunding Goals

GameStick: Affordable, Portable Game Console Exceeds Crowdfunding Goals


Oh, the irony of it all. Of more than 1.4 billion televisions on Earth, less than 1 percent are used to play games. Why? The developers of GameStick say it’s because traditional gaming consoles simply cost too much. To counter the problem, they developed an open, portable and affordable TV gaming console—GameStick. Now offered on crowdfunding site Kickstarter for $79, they say it’s the most affordable route to playing games on a TV.

GameStick utilizes the Android app system, allowing an open platform—more than 700,00 games—for the tiny console. In fact, GameStick is so tiny it can be slid into a pocket and fits into its own controller. To get gaming, users need only plug the GameStick into a television HDMI slot, grab their controllers and start playing. Plus the cost of most games ranges from a few dollars to nothing at all.

To fund their startup, GameStick developers were seeking $100,000 in Kickstarter pledges by Feb. 1. With 16 days to go in the project, it has already garnered more than $380,000 from backers. Thanks to the project’s overwhelming popularity, the developers have created some additional goals. At more than $320,000 in pledges they decided to release the GameStick in two colors—white or black. One if they receive $560 in pledges by Feb. 1 the GameStick will not only become available in four colors, but a MicroSD Card slot will be added to enable additional memory.

GameStick pledges can be made for as little as $10, which not only helps out the project but gets the backer’s name listed within the GameStick user interface as a founding contributor. For a $79 pledge, a backer will receive his or her very own GameStick. Higher pledges will offer additional incentives, including carrying cases, additional controllers and beta-testing opportunities.

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