@GSElevator Signs On For Gentology Curatorship

Image via Gentology

Wall Street Insanity has learned the owner of the outrageous Twitter account @GSElevator has joined a growing list of celebrities that curate their favorite products with Gentology.com. @GSElevator has taken the world by storm by Tweeting the off-key, shocking and shameful statements made inside the elevators of investment bank Goldman Sachs. With a following of more than 450,000 tweeters, the anonymous profile has cracked the world up with more than 1,000 sometimes appalling tweets, straight from the mouths of the wealthy Wall Street bankers.

@GSElevator has one of the most enthusiastic followings I’ve seen on Twitter,” Gentology VP of Business Development Jonathan Wolf said in a release that has yet to be made public. “Verification or no verification, he has a following we simply couldn’t ignore, and it’s not just from the finance sector.”

It’s true. Due to its overwhelming popularity, @GSElevator even inspired a CNBC series in which puppets reenact the elevator tweets. The video series, “The Puppets Can Hear You,” is part of CNBC’s new Digital Workshop, a “unique production studio that develops and produces original video programming for CNBC Digital products, including CNBC.com.” According to the network, more people visit CNBC.com each day to view videos than any other non-portal business news site.

Now @GSElevator joins Celtics all-star Paul Pierce, YouTube sensation Epic Meal Time, Three 6 Mafia, the NBA’s Greivis Vasquez and other celebrities in curating favorite products on Gentology. Gentology is an e-commerce marketplace that offers athletes, artists and other celebs their own storefronts where they recommend products to their fans through social media. When fans buy the products, which include fashion, gadgets and other mens’ favorites, 50 percent of proceeds are awarded to the celebrities or their favorite charity. Half of the sales from @GSElevator’s promoted items will go to the Make A Wish Foundation.

Wall Street Insanity caught up with Wolf and learned @GSElevator’s product recommendations are truly indicative of his personality. When the line launches tomorrow, it will include items such as a wine collection that works like a registry. People can purchase bottles of wine for an individual so that they he comes of age he starts out with a $100,000 wine collection.

Wolf is ecstatic about the possibilities that arise from Gentology’s partnership with @GSElevator.

“This guy hasn’t scratched the survace of what I think his brand is going to do,” Wolf said. “In a year, if he ever wants to take the mask off, he’d be a legit player.”

Obviously, Wolf knows the mysterious identity, but he’s not about to give his client away, other than stating the Twitter account is run by a high-ranking banker at Goldman with great writing skills. He’s also generous since he make it clear to Gentology up front that he wants absolutely no money from the curatorship. Wolf also called @GSElevator one of the hottest new characters of 2013.

“This guy is brilliant and really fun to do a deal with,” Wolf said. “His ideas were pitch perfect—stuff we never would have thought of.”