Kmart’s New Commercial Tries To Reinvent The ‘Yo Mama’ Joke

Kmart’s newest commercial is trying to put a new spin on something we’re all familiar with: the “yo mama” jokes. The discount retailer, who generated similar buzz with their “Ship Your Pants” and “Big Gas Savings” commercials, seems to be attempting to hit the viral mark with this humourous advertising ploy.

In the commercial—which promotes free layaway geared towards the upcoming school year—kids are in a schoolyard, throwing a slew of “yo mama” jokes at each other, with an added twist—instead of insults, they’re throwing compliments:

Did yo’ mama get that hoddie at Kmart?” “Yeah, dawg.” “Well yo mama must have cavities, cuz’ that hoodie is sweet!”

Well yo’ mama is like a tasty cheddar cheese plate, cuz’ she saved a bunch of cheddar on them jeans!”

Well your mama’s got so much game that she couldn’t even store it on that tablet!”

Yo mama is so fashion-forward, the future called, and they want those high-tops back!”

Well, your mama is so fiscally responsible she got all that on free layaway!”

The commercial was made by DraftFCB, who also made the previous two commercials. As of now, it hasn’t become a viral hit the way the others did, but the effort is still well-noted and the kids deliver a good performance.

Some commenters claim the spot perpetuates stereotypes, or else they object to the street slang,” wrote AdWeek. “I don’t think this ad merits that level of sociological scrutiny.”