Meet The Creator Of ‘Bang With Friends’

Image via Bang With Friends

The man behind more than 200,000 booty calls has finally revealed his identity. Since the launch of the Bang with Friends app, 28-year-old Colin Hodge has remained anonymous. But he’s now publicly claiming his creation, along with co-founder Omri Mor.

Why design an app that helps Facebook friends have casual sex with one another? Is Hodge just horny? He believes he has provided a much-needed service.

Image via Twitter/Colin Kirk Hodge

Image via Twitter/Colin Kirk Hodge

Everybody has at least one friend that they’ve had an eye on,” said Hodge.

And Bang With Friends allows Facebook users to take their secret crushes to the next level. The app shows users photos of their Facebook friends. They can click a button below the profile pictures of friends they would like to screw, without fear of rejection. The app will only notify friends who have mutually chosen one another.  Hodge says the app has attracted more than a million users who collectively log in about 70,000 times a day.

Hodge, a former Cornell computer science major, says he thought of the app while working on the dating site HeardAboutYou. Apparently a lot of women were complaining they couldn’t find casual sex partners without looking like hos.

After a few drinks the whole conversation turned to let’s just simplify this,” Hodge told Valley Wag. “We decided, hey everybody has at least one friend that they’ve had an eye on.

After deciding to link the app to users’ Facebook friends list, Hodge says he and Mor came up with the “racy logo” and make the app as “funny and straightforward as possible.

Alas, all has not been smooth sailing. When Bang Your Friends was launched for iOS, it was suddenly removed from Apple’s App Store, with Apple citing “excessively objectionable or crude content.” A glitch in the app, in which users can see which Facebook friends have registered with the app—has also been revealed.

So why reveal his identity now? It was actually an accident. Hodge says he and Mor had hoped to remain anonymous until some time in the future where they could be unveiled on a late-night talk show. But during New York’s Internet Week, the two were nominated for King at the Webutante Ball, and their names were released on the online ballot.

The founders are turning lemons into lemonade, however, and now plan to launch an Internet Week-inspired Bang With NYC event, including an opening party downtown. During the event, hot and horny singles can meet and hang out with the co-founders. Maybe it should be called Bang the Founders, instead.

Coming out of anonymity doesn’t change our product vision,” Hodge told Digital Trends. “This allowed us to meet people that we wanted to, but overall we still want to offer the most honest way to meet somebody.