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Goldman Sachs Called It… Gold Enters Bear Market

Goldman Sachs called for investors to short their positions on gold April 8, and so far the group has been …

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Detroit Lions Sign YouTube Trick-Shot Kicker

Remember a couple of years ago when Invincible came out and everyone and their brother thought they could be good …

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Tweets Inside Goldman Sachs Elevators

Are the investment bankers at Goldman Sachs a bunch of egotistical assholes? Apparently so, according to the tweets from @GSElevator. …

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Iceland Named Friendliest Nation For Tourists, US Ranks 102

Want to make sure you receive a proper greeting on your next vacation? The World Economic Forum just released a …

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Foursquare Raises $41 Million In Debt

I don’t know how anyone else feels about mobile companies, but I’m getting really sick of tech companies trying as …

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Dubai Police Get A $550,000 Lamborghini Squad Car

Dubai is known for many things, almost all having to do with money. The city in the United Arab Emirates …

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The Relaxed World Of SWUGs (Senior Washed Up Girl)

In the world of young adults, we all experience a moment of feeling incompetent or past our prime. Maybe you …

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21 Entrepreneurs You Should Be Following On Twitter

If you’re an entrepreneur, it’s essential you get your ass in gear every day and find information you need to …

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