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Forex Website Disappears, Taking $1 Billion Of Investors’ Money With It

Investors in forex, or the foreign exchange market, who used a trading site called SecureInvestment.com received a nasty surprise as …

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Impressionist Mikey Bolts Sings ‘All About That Bass’ Parody In Cartoon Voices (Video)

YouTube user Mikey Bolts has uploaded a new music video for those who like their pop music with a little …

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What Really Constitutes Street Harassment And Why That Viral Catcalling Video Does More Harm Than Good

Everyone deserves to be able to walk down the street without fear of harassment; unfortunately, most people don’t get what …

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10 Ways To Forgive Someone Without Hating Yourself For Doing It

Is there someone you’re feeling resentful toward? Did someone do something to you that you will never be OK with? …

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21 Things You Realize Upon Moving To The Midwest

Whether it’s the Midwest, the former Old West, or some other geographically indeterminate interior part of the country, moving inward …

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20 Signs That Current Events Are Driving You Insane

Current events are more accessible than ever, breaking news breaks within minutes of its occurrence and a lot of the …

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Tinder Launching An ‘Undo’ Button As Part Of Tinder Plus

Tinder, that ubiquitous dating app that you either love, hate or have no opinion about whatsoever, is introducing a new …

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Burglars In India Loot ATM Inside Police Station

Indian police experienced an embarrassing bit of publicity in October when they fell asleep on the job, allowing an unidentified …

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