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15 Ways To Prepare To Face Your Relatives At Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving isn’t just about the food; it’s also about seeing family. Sometimes that’s good, but sometimes it involves spending time …

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14 Facts About Cigarettes That Will Make You Want To Quit Right Now

It’s been widely proven that nicotine is addictive, meaning that once you start the habit, it can be almost impossible …

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15 Flavors Worse Than Doritos-Flavored Mountain Dew

After PepsiCo recently confirmed that it is seriously testing a Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew, it made us wonder two things: How …

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13 Reasons You Should Avoid Black Friday

“Black Friday” is a phrase that makes all but the most seasoned and ruthless bargain-hunter shudder in horror. This is …

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7 Money-Saving Tips To Help You Keep More Bank This Holiday Season

Gerri Willis joined Fox Business Network (FBN) in March of 2010. She is the host of The Willis Report (weekdays …

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20 Thoughts That Go Through A Man’s Head Before His Wedding

Congratulations! You finally asked her to marry you. You’re ready to settle down and leave the single world behind… right? …

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13 Signs You’re In Your 20s

It happens to everyone eventually: the shock and mild confusion that indicate you’re firmly in your 20s and will only …

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21 Things Not To Include In Your Online Dating Profile

Imagine you’ve never met someone and have only a few select facts to go on to decide whether or not …

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