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23 Tony Robbins Quotes That Will Change Your Perspective

Tony Robbins, life coach and performance strategist extraordinaire, is not a motivator. As he tells the Miami Herald, “If all …

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20 Facts That Will Make You Feel Good About Eating More Chocolate

Chocolate: You want it, you need it, you can’t live without it and it’s more precious than gold when you’re …

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New Study Says Smoking May Contribute To More Deaths Than Previously Thought

Can cigarettes get any more deadly? Apparently, they’ve been more deadly all along. A new study published in the New …

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New ‘Heat Map’ Microwave Concept Displays Exactly How Hot Your Food Is (Video)

Anyone who’s ever suffered from the terrible fate of a half-frozen Hot Pocket or a scorched mouth due to melted …

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20 Weird Things People Think When They Reach Their Late 20s

The late 20s are to the early 20s what the early 20s are to the teens: a time when you …

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17 Monumental Decisions Procrastinators Face Every Day

Procrastinators have it rough. To a procrastinator, every day presents a to-do list that will never go away; a procrastinator’s …

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15 Signs You’re Obsessed With Owning A House

The allure of houses is very strong. They’re one of the ultimate representations of the American Dream: a place that …

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21 Reasons Best Friends Make The Best Valentines

Valentine’s Day is a day for celebrating the love between two people in a committed relationship. While this can, and …

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