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Madrid Introduces Smart Parking Meters To Charge Gas Guzzlers More, Hopes To Clean Up City Air

Madrid is trying to clean up its act — and its air. As of July 1, the Spanish capital is …

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2015 Hyundai Genesis Introduces New Feature That Will Automatically Brake For Speed Cameras

No more speeding tickets — at least not when there’s a camera to catch you. The latest model of the Hyundai …

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Amazing New Technology Will Turn Any Car Into A Driverless Vehicle With The Push Of A Button

Although Google has made no secret it wants to be the first to introduce true driverless car technology, one company …

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Everything You Need To Know About Amazon’s New Smartphone

Remember when Amazon was an online bookstore? Of course, now that people do most of their reading digitally, it was …

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The Vessyl Cup Knows What You’re Drinking And Will Help You Become Smarter About What You Put Into Your Body

There are plenty of calorie trackers and fitness apps to help you know more about what you’re eating and how …

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Former Canadian Drug Officer Invents Pot Breathalyzer That Just Might Catch You Drug Driving

Potheads beware: A new breathalyzer could be hitting the market soon, and it’s specifically targeted to catch those “drugging and …

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The ‘Flyboard’ Is The Water Powered Hoverboard You Never Knew You Wanted Until Now (Video)

So there’s no such thing as an actual hoverboard, but someone has definitely come pretty close to it. Hoverboard by …

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15-Year-Old Whiz Kid Invents Method Of Charging Smartphone By Walking

If you think we’ve uncovered all the different methods of generating alternative energy, a 15-year-old science whiz is about to …

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